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Do you think you are a good listener?
Thursday, Sep 6, 2012 at 1:46 PM (Public Entry)
Name: John Wincott
City: Leslie
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Country: GB
Company: Herne Group
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You might be wrong!

Our free training will give you eleven tests to check if you are a good listener - or not! Most people are not good listeners, in spite of their own perceptions of their listening ability.

Watch the Sales Training Video Module 7 and find out how good you are at listening by clicking on the link:

Learn the Eleven Habits of Good Listeners.

Watch the training video or download the key facts book and discover the eleven habits of good listeners and you will be amazed at how much more you learn about those around you.

Do you ever finish other people's sentences? Learn to Listen instead!

Using our training, in just a few minutes you can learn how to listen effectively and then you will be amazed at how much better you communicate with those around you. People habitually do not listen, so by learning how to listen effectively you will have the edge.

Watch the Sales Training Video Module 7 today:

You will remember less than half of what is said. Many people remember much less.

Learn how to listen effectively and you will remember much more of every conversation. In business, details can make the difference between success or failure, and if you don't listen to your customers then you will never be able to meet their needs.
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If you don't ask the right questions....
Friday, Aug 24, 2012 at 7:37 AM (Public Entry)
you will never get the right answers!

You need to understand how different questions and questioning styles will help you to understand someone more fully.

This is true in sales, management, training or coaching, asking the right questions can make the difference between understanding and confusion.

Watch the Performance Management Modules 6 and 7 to find out how:

Many people only ask one type of question and wonder why they get one type of answer!

By using the free training to learn the different styles of question available to you, you can learn much more about the people you are talking to.

There are eight main types of question. How many do you use?

With training, you will learn how to use different questioning styles and techniques to gather the information you need for any given situation.

The types of question you ask can make you seem Aggressive or Vague!

By watching the training videos you can learn how to change your style of questioning depending on the situation. If you always use one style then you will appear one dimensional and fail to learn as much as you could.

Watch the Performance Management Training modules 6 and 7 by clicking on the link:
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Does anyone set up a new business planning to fail?
Friday, Aug 3, 2012 at 7:44 AM (Public Entry)
Or do they simply fail to plan?

Our Business Plan training will help you to avoid one of the biggest mistakes made by many business owners - failing to plan. Many people have the idea that a business plan is a complex accounting document that they have to produce to apply for finance, but with little practical use. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Watch the Business Planning Videos and find out why -

Business Plans are just for New Starts, right? No, wrong!

The business planning course will show you how to plan for your business success, whatever the current stage of your business development. Many people produce a business plan to show the bank manager when they start a business, and then put it in a drawer. Big mistake!

Business Plans are not just about Finance, but much more!

The Business Planning course will show you the full depth of information that is required to produce an effective business plan. Many people are put off producing a business plan because they think it is just an accounting exercise. In truth it is much more than that.

Watch the Business Planning Videos and find out more:

There are eight key sections to a Business Plan - we cover them all.

The Business Plan training will enable you to complete all eight sections of your business plan to produce an excellent blueprint for your business. The training takes you through each section step-by-step and shows you all of the questions you need to answer about your business. Watch the Business Plan Videos today and find out about your business.
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Are you constantly trying to catch up?
Friday, Jul 27, 2012 at 7:46 AM (Public Entry)
You Need to Delegate!

Watch the training videos to learn how to delegate effectively. If you followed our coaching course last week, then you should now be able to delegate some of your work to your staff, safe in the knowledge that they will do a good job.

Watch the Delegation Training Videos and find out how to delegate effectively - click here:

Delegation can improve the relationship between the manager and the workforce.

Make delegation a key part of your management strategy. Performed correctly, delegation will boost morale and improve your relationship with your staff. Done incorrectly, delegation will demoralise your staff and harm your business.

There are the right times, and the wrong times to Delegate.

The delegation training videos show you when to delegate, and when not to. Many managers fail to understand the fact that delegating at the wrong time can cause huge problems, whereas delegating at the right time will boost the business.

Watch the Delegation Training videos today:

There are three main fears that stop people Delegating. Overcome them now!

The Delegation Training explores these fears and shows you how to overcome them. Most of the fears about delegation are unfounded and can stop you from growing your business so it is vital that you overcome these fears if you are to be successful.

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Our Free Online Time Management course takes just 2 hours!
Thursday, Jul 5, 2012 at 8:19 AM (Public Entry)
And then you will save time every day forever....

A time management course should NOT take 4 days! Which is why ours takes less than two hours!

Our time management video training course can be completed in under two hours and show you how to save hours every week, work more efficiently, and take control of your time.

Watch the Time Management Training Videos today by clicking on the link:

Download our simple time analysis tool and find out where your time goes!

I guarantee, when you use our analysis tool, you will be surprised at how much time is simply lost through the day. When you know where your time goes, then you can finally take control of it! Use the complete Time Management Pack and take control of your day.

When you have analysed how you spend your time... Then use the Free Planner.

This simple planning tool will enable you to prioritise your day-to-day activities and ensure that you achieve your goals each day. There are a host of complex, expensive work planning systems available but our simple system works and is highly effective without any complexity and it's free!

All of these downloads are available with the Time Management Training Course by clicking on the link:

Are you disorganised in your work? Then use the 3D system and take control!

Our time management course will teach you the 3D system to overcome the disorganisation that many of us suffer from. This very simple system will prioritise your work and give you the tools you need to organise your day.

Organise your work today by watching the Time Management Training Videos.

Remember all of the training at is totally free so please use as much of the training as you want to. Also, please recommend our material to your friends, colleagues, business associates, and employees.
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